Treatment of Long Standing Multiple Sclerosis with Regentime Stem Cell Technique


Published: 01 May 2016
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This article is a case report in which we exposed the results of a multiple sclerosis (MS) patient, treated with stem cells. The 51 year old female patient was presenting with 23 year history of primary progressive type of MS. Her disease was physically debilitating causing numerous permanent complications during its long history, where different medications were used with no improvement; MS was progressing uncontrollably. Autologous bone marrow derived stem cells were outsourcing the procedure of treatment (Regentime® technique). This type of therapy was never previously used on such longstanding MS case and with such advanced impairment. Twelve main symptoms were studied and monitored during the post therapy care period. The follow up was done for 18 months before the publication of the results. We noticed a clear improvement at most levels, including a decrease in the headache, fatigue, hypertonia and dizziness. No regression was registered during the post-transplantation follow up period. We concluded that MS has positively responded to Regentime® procedure stem cell therapy even in its advance longstanding stage. This positive response may be due to the pathophysiological stepping nature of MS, where better improvements are seen in newer calling-for-repair lesions as shown in a previous study.

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