Lebanese Canadian Hospital

The Canadian Lebanese Hospital is a private, for-profit medical institution with an educational profile in the field of Public Health, through its participation in the education of the medical profession from several technical schools in the country, such as Dekwaneh Technical College. Its mission is to treat with dignity and dedication and respect any patient, avoiding any previous judgment in relation to its religion, confession, nationality, socio-economic status, race or origin. The hospital is committed to serving and giving hope for good health, respecting any standard of quality to any patient at the best price available and possible.

Notre Dame du Liban Hopital

Mission: Our mission is to ensure client satisfaction through first rate medical service state of the art technology and a personalized relationship based on trust.

Why Regenerative Medicine?
  • Faster recovery time.
  • Improve joint, ligaments, and tendon function.
  • No incisions or trauma.
  • Very little pain.
  • No general anesthesia.
  • Renewal and repair within the joint.
  • Very low side effect.

Regentime is committed to provide our patients and visitors with the highest quality care and service. We hold ourselves accountable to high standards that are observable, measurable and apply to all departments and each and every role across our hospitals.

Our promise to Patients and Families
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