Our Procedure
our procedure

Our Regentime procedure is based on the use of bone marrow derived stem cell. We don’t use other sources than the patient’s bone marrow itself. There are five stages to pass through for a successful procedure:
☛ The pre-transplantation stage
☛ The bone marrow collection stage
☛ The laboratory stage
☛ The transplantation stage
☛ The post-transplantation stage
In the pre-transplantation stage, patients are prepared according to their disease. For example, a patient with spinal cord injury or stroke or even a diabetes is going to pass through a radiological, hematological and infectious investigation. The bone marrow collection stage happens in a sterile way aspirating the needed quantity via a closed system of needles, tubes and transfusion bag. The patient receives either local anesthesia or sedation.

The collection bag is transferred to the stem cell lab where the lab stage starts. Regentime staff apply the patented way of filtration, isolation and incubation of the patients stem cells.

Depending on the disease we want to treat, the final Regentime product is injected into the patient in an adequate route, For example, intravenous or intramuscular or in any other needed route ( See under treatment).

As the founder of Regentime belives that regeneration requires a holistic approach, the post-transplantation stage is a prime phase in the regeneration phemonimon Stem cells work by regenerating dying, deterioration or collapsing cells in tissues.

Autologous stem cells are undifferentiated cells found throughout the body. They replenish and renew through cell division and differentiation into specialized cell types. Because of this, stem cells have proven to be effective for organ and tissue restoration and thus, fighting against inoperable diseases.

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