The Regentime Concept

It is a continuously adapted regenerative safe procedure based on the use of adult autologus bone marrow derived from monocular stem cells. After proliferation and differentiation toward organ specific progenitor cell lines. The cells are extracted from the patient’s posterior superior iliac bone bilaterally under general anesthesia in a 30 minute procedure. After the patients preparation with granulocytes colony growth factor in other important medications.

Regentime is a regenerative medicine tool, pioneering new approaches to regeneration and rejuvenation, developing next generation reparative solutions.

A unique aspect of the procedure is that its activities are not just laboratory based or clinically based.

Regentime® is mostly known for being a safe technique for different organ regeneration, based on "the sooner the better" concept with its famous equation to estimate the biological improvement.

By harnessing the potential of regenerative medicine, Regentime® is poised to create new models of health care and transform medicine.

Regentime® was established as a form of spreading the good word to help patients with their incurable diseases and to give hope for their recovery and treatment.

After the onset of most chronic diseases or injuries, the damage is there to stay. It can include scarring of heart tissue from a heart attack, beta cell dysfunction in diabetes or a spinal cord injury from an accident.
Symptoms can be managed, repeatedly with good success, but the underlying tissue or organ damage remains unhealed and can cause complications over time.

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