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    Because the procedure is invented by a Lebanese physician who is practicing in Lebanon, we currently offer a therapy under research application at the following university medical centers.

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    A1 Medical Center and Placidway

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    • St. Joseph University – Teaching at the faculty of medicine
    • Lebanese University – Cooperation with the stem cell lab

Regentime is a leading method for different organ regeneration. Its success is based on "the sooner the better concept" for health reparative solutions.

People on average are living longer than ever before. In part, this is due to medical advances that have made it possible to save more people from life-threatening diseases, injuries, and congenital conditions.

As people live longer, they are more likely to acquire chronic diseases or develop age-related conditions. Globally, there is an increasing incidence of chronic and degenerative diseases.

The founder of this technique is Nassim Abi Chahine, a neurosurgeon who started to seek for a more satisfying solution at all medical levels since he started his research at age of 31. It was because he couldn't meet full satisfaction in his professional conveyance and previous knowledge literature.

Regentime® procedure is based on the transplantation of proliferated partially differentiated and specifically redirected autologous adult bone marrow derived mononuclear progenitor stem cells.

Regentime is most known to be a safe approach for different organ regeneration, with its famous equation to estimate the biological improvement after transplantation.

Regentime - Regenrative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine- Regentime
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